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"A resolute woman teams up with a retired soldier in this Western set in post–Civil War Texas … Conhaim is a cinematic writer, and his descriptions are captivating … [he] displays substantial knowledge of the tribes he writes about and creates Native American characters who are as fully developed as his white players. An engrossing tale of the Old West.”

Kirkus Reviews

"Conhaim offsets this brutal tale of human cruelty, injustice, and violence with rich descriptions of the natural beauty of the West. Recommended."

                —Library Journal



"Fast-pacedunusual brilliant With Comanche Captive, D. László Conhaim makes the unusual choice of telling the story of a woman’s resolute quest after she is taken from the band of Indians who had captured her. With drama, humor, and vivid detail, he creates an unflinching view of the harsh complexities of life on the frontier."

 —Lucia St. Clair Robson, bestselling author of Ride the Wind

"A deftly crafted and simply riveting read from cover to cover ... very highly recommended."      —Midwest Book Review

Scott Renald is an Indian agent searching for white captives. Laura Little is a former captive seeking her Comanche-born son. They meet unexpectedly on the high plains. Touched by her story, Renald leads Laura’s search while hostile tribesmen pursue them. Word of their predicament reaches Fort Sill, and agents are dispatched to grab her and recall him. Meanwhile, the army prepares for war with the Comanche. Circumstances propel all into a heart-wrenching and bloody conflict of competing loyalties and surprising discoveries against the scorched backdrop of the Staked Plain.

D. Laszlo Conhaim Comanche Captive, Randolph Scott

"A great historical novel."
                      —WISR, Pennsylvania


The award-winning sequel...

Unredeemed Conhaim Comance Captive Sequel western novel
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