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"A great historical novel."
                      —WISR, Pennsylvania

"A resolute woman teams up with a retired soldier in this Western set in post–Civil War Texas … Conhaim is a cinematic writer, and his descriptions are captivating … [he] displays substantial knowledge of the tribes he writes about and creates Native American characters who are as fully developed as his white players. An engrossing tale of the Old West.”

Kirkus Reviews

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Sequel out 12/21

A lost white boy, a missing black girl,

and a captive hunter’s quest of conscience.

In this sequel to Comanche Captive, army redeemer Scott Renald receives a commission to find 16-year-old white Indian Karl Hermann. But black Emma Neely has gone missing—taken by Indians—and yet nobody is sent out for her, not even the 10th Cavalry of Buffalo Soldiers. When her father fails to locate her, the 10th’s Sergeant Chance turns to Scott Renald, triggering a moral dilemma: Isn’t Emma’s rescue more urgent than Karl’s recapture? Guided by an Apache woman-warrior, Renald’s pursuit of Karl leads him to the tragedy of 10th Troop, sent into a heatwave to chase reservation breakouts—a climax that embroils all the players, and leaves Emma’s fate hanging in the balance.

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